International college at Citipointe

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Our attitude of excellence permeates every aspect of our culture. We inspire and motivate our students to achieve greater results than they think possible.

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Citipointe students can achieve their dreams, no matter how big they are. A Citipointe education will encourage your child to dream, and arm them with the practical skills to achieve whatever they choose.

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For students who are called to the arts, we offer intensive arts programs with industry coaches to pursue successful careers beyond Citipointe.

“I would say to any young person in Asia, “Come out of your own country, learn and understand the world a bit better. It will be a life-changing experience.” Citipointe Christian College is one of the few schools where you can find out where your heart truly lies. Whatever you choose to do, you are fully supported.”

— Citipointe International College graduate

International College

We have dedicated teachers and facilities where students from all over the world can develop their English language skills before entering mainstream Secondary classes.