Secondary at Citipointe

In Secondary, students are inspired and challenged to achieve their personal best.

Our teachers see the potential in each student, seek to understand what motivates them, and inspire them to greater heights.

Academic excellence

Our attitude of excellence permeates every aspect of our culture. We inspire and motivate our students to achieve better results than they think are possible.

Fuelling ambition

Citipointe students can achieve their dreams, no matter how big. A Citipointe education will encourage your child to dream, and arm them with the practical skills to achieve their heart's desire.

Inspiring creativity

For students who are called to the arts, we offer intensive arts programs with industry coaches to pursue successful careers beyond Citipointe.

“Citipointe doesn’t just focus on academics. It teaches everything you need for life.”

—Secondary parent

Friends for life

Your child will be surrounded by a circle of like-minded peers. We actively support our students in their friendships, and as a result, many friendships forged here remain long after graduation.

Spiritual foundations

Our Christian values are the cornerstone of the Citipointe experience. In Secondary, we continue to embody and teach the message of Jesus, and offer opportunities to lead worship, prayer and devotions.

Space to explore

We have filled our Secondary learning spaces with the latest technology and industry-grade equipment. Your child will have access to libraries, science labs, sporting grounds, and dance and music studios.

International Student Outreach Program (ISOP)

ISOP connects Citipointe students with exciting international travel opportunities. The United Kingdom, Singapore, Israel and Hong Kong are just a few of the destinations on the list.

Travel opportunities

For young people, travel can be a foundational experience. At Citipointe, we understand its value in shifting perspectives, cementing values and creating lifelong memories. Our teachers and students have travelled, served and competed around the world—from science teaching at NASA to student leadership in Singapore and mission service in Bulgaria.


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