Our facilities

Citipointe Christian College has an expansive, leafy campus located in Carindale.

Bordering Carindale and Mansfield, the College shares a vast campus with Citipointe Church, International College, Citipointe Childcare and Christian Heritage College (Higher Education), which offers students a Christian community to grow and flourish from six weeks of age.

We have continually invested in our facilities since our relocation to Wecker Road in 1982—an investment that means every student receives the very best opportunities to thrive in their area of interest.

Our outstanding facilities include:

  • Prep—a separate Prep facility for our youngest students
  • Kay and John Gagliardi Year 1 Centre, continuing the theme of support and safety from Prep
  • Art and Learning Extension centre
  • Primary Library and Secondary Library
  • English and Maths Centre, Science Centre, and Specialist centres for Arts and Hospitality
  • College Hall—a large, multi-purpose hall used for indoor sport as well as community gatherings
  • Athletics field with 400m track, soccer field, rugby field, and three outdoor basketball courts
  • 25m swimming pool
  • Two outdoor tennis courts
  • Shared facilities across the campus, including a 2500-seat auditorium, a 150-seat chapel, a 250-seat youth area
  • Extensive bus routes covering Brisbane CBD, Southern & Eastern suburbs, running before and after school.
  • Primary Canteen and Secondary Canteen with online ordering system available

“We always knew we wanted a Christian school for our children, and Citipointe's facilities were one of the best we'd seen.”

- College Parent

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