Our foundations

Our history​

Born out of the faith and hope of the Christian Outreach Centre (COC), the College began on 16 May 1978 in Kurilpa St, West End, in a storeroom above a warehouse

Shared facilities with the Church and great faith characterised the humble beginnings of Citipointe Christian College

Early days

Fast-forward to 1982, and the College moved to land purchased at Wecker Road, and into facilities built and funds raised by the COC community.

Rapid growth
Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, under the leadership of long-term Headmaster Ps Ron Woolley, the College added several new buildings, including a dedicated Secondary Library and Year 1 Centre, as well as a swimming pool and oval.

Growing reputation

By the early 2000s, the College was known both for its extensive facilities and its well-rounded approach to education.

Unashamedly Christian in its ethos, Citipointe had strong representation in the arts and sport as well as academics.

From COC to Citipointe

At the same time, the church (Christian Outreach Centre) had rapidly grown from its early beginnings of a 25-person home group to a 2000-strong congregation at Wecker Road, with satellite churches around the world.
In 2010, as Christian Outreach Centre Brisbane had been known as Citipointe Church for some time, the school decided to follow suit, becoming Citipointe Christian College to maintain its close identity with the church.

“We chose Citipointe so that our child can experience the right balance between education and faith.”

—Secondary School parent

Excellence in education​

Our founder’s forward-thinking dream of excellence in Christian education is realised today at Citipointe.

More than 1700 students call Citipointe home, making it one of Queensland’s largest P–12 independent schools.

The Citipointe we enjoy today was built on the faith of its founders. Today, the College is instilling that faith in students for generations to come.

Our strategic plan​

Under God’s gracious hand and through the sacrifice and dedication of parents, teachers and students, Citipointe Christian College has flourished.

In 2019, the College published its strategic plan to 2023.

Our goal is to make the College known locally and globally for its Christian distinctives and its spirit of excellence, demonstrated by its students and graduates as they influence society.


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