Staff at Citipointe

When we ask Citipointe parents what sets the College apart from other schools, they often answer, ‘the teachers’.

That is because a Citipointe staff member is a deeply committed Christian who feels God has called them to their role.

The focus of every staff member is to nurture a Christian educational community: people of faith, learning, integrity and influence.

In the classroom, this means students are guided by teachers who are as passionate about academic learning as they are about their faith—and this enables us to provide true excellence in all aspects of Christian education.

“I work with a very professional and very close-knit group of people.”

—Primary teacher

Community care

Unlike any other workplace, Citipointe staff work in an atmosphere of grace, prayer and support.

The College is famous among parents and alumni for the depth of care shown when one of them is in need—and this extends to staff, too.

Professional experiences

Citipointe staff are encouraged to undertake professional development and further study throughout their careers at the College.

Many staff combine work with post-graduate study, while others have attended international professional development programs such as the NASA STEM program for educators*.

“I wanted to make a difference to people's lives that had long-lasting value. At Citipointe, I can.”

—Secondary teacher