Citipointe is an encouraging and supportive place to learn.

What is it that makes Citipointe so special?

Every student and parent belong, are known and valued as people who contribute to the tapestry of our community. All teaching and learning happen ‘by design’ and are founded upon our Christian worldview.

Our campus

Wide-open and leafy-green, our campus forms the backdrop to inspiring learning experiences. There is ample space to run, play and explore. The campus is an oasis in the heart of Brisbane’s south-east, a quiet and peaceful space and yet buzzing with excitement, energy and innovation.

Our teachers

Our Christian staff care about each student and invest passionately in their learning journey. Their care, dedication and wisdom flow through every part of their teaching.

Our students

Guided by our caring teachers, our students embody our culture and build the Citipointe atmosphere. They are intentionally taught to think outside of themselves, encourage one another and respect others.

Immerse your child in Citipointe’s unique environment.