A safe place for your student to thrive

Community at Citipointe

Secondary at Citipointe is a unique community where students are surrounded by positive, supportive peers who are like-minded in their goals to achieve their personal best, and by expert Christian staff who are united in their passion to see students explore and reach their potential.

Student Mentoring​

Navigating the teenage years can be challenging at times.

As young people develop and begin to make choices that may affect them in the long term, having the guidance of someone who is further along the journey can be invaluable.

Our mentoring program pairs Year 8 students with Year 11s. Mentors benefit from this powerful relationship as much as the mentees. Our Year 11 students develop skills in leadership and experience the joy of being a role model who can positively influence a younger person’s life.

Student Buddies

We provide every new student with a specifically chosen peer—someone who can welcome them, guide them and introduce them to life at Citipointe.

Support for new students extends beyond this. We actively teach our students to be welcoming, to create a sense of belonging and to put the needs of others before their own. Our teachers are personally invested in every student and ensure new students find their place—in their year level and in their areas of interest.

Apply now, choose later

When you apply, we’ll invite you to a meeting with our Principal, who will answer your questions and help you to learn more about Citipointe.