Citipointe’s Primary learning pathway

Building foundations for life

The Citipointe Primary learning pathway is intentionally designed to build solid, healthy foundations for learning, character and spirituality.

Time to discover learning

In Prep, children discover learning through rich play-based activities.

By the time students reach Year 2, they begin to develop strong academic skills and character traits.

Time to accelerate learning

From Years 3 to 5, children are in a period of rapid academic growth and character development.

By Years 4 and 5, students have developed strong study and social skills, and enjoy the challenge of learning new content and skills.

Time to widen learning

Year 6 is a year filled with variety, leadership and challenge.

It is a wonderful year of in-depth investigation into the world around us, with students practising the skills they’ll need for success in their Secondary school years.

Set your child up with the right foundations.