Academic challenge at Citipointe

With Citipointe, your teenager can achieve more than they imagine—during school and beyond.

Through our well-developed and holistic curricular and co-curricular programs, we give students the knowledge, skills and networks to thrive and prepare for their future.

Citipointe students are part of an integrated, thoughtful program of opportunities. These experiences grow students in mind, body and spirit.

Extension programs

Gifted and talented students may be offered an extension program, which replaces one of their electives.

Extension students experience a rich diversity of activities including future problem-solving, creative writing, critical thinking and personal research projects. They are also encouraged to participate in external competitions.

University courses

In Years 11 and 12, our high achievers may enrol in semester university courses and participate in university partnership programs and activities.

Enrichment camp

At the beginning of each year, our senior students organise and manage an enrichment camp for high-achievers.

International Student Outreach Program

Citipointe’s Global Academy is our International Student Outreach Program, giving our high achievers excellent opportunities for international academic collaboration, including presenting research papers at overseas conferences.

One-on-one tutoring

Students who are looking for extra support in their academic studies can benefit from the personalised learning environment of individual tutoring.

Goals look different for every student, and our tutors work one-on-one or in family settings for a truly tailored experience.

Apply now, choose later

When you apply, we’ll invite you to a meeting with our Principal, who will answer your questions and help you to learn more about Citipointe.